The Psychology of Body Image + How to Improve Yours

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Join Me for Another Workshop: Why You Stress Eat + How to Stop March 7th @ 5 PM ET

Special one-time offer, only $7!
Do you find yourself reaching for snacks when you're stressed or overwhelmed? You're not alone.

Stress eating is a common coping mechanism for many people, but it often leaves us feeling worse. In this empowering workshop, led by licensed therapist Ryann Nicole, you'll delve into the underlying reasons behind stress eating and gain practical strategies to manage stress without food! 

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When: February 22nd at 5p ET

Where: Zoom (link will be sent to you after checkout) 

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What You'll Learn:

Gain insights into the psychological factors shaping body image, including societal influences, media, and personal experiences. 

Identify and challenge negative thought patterns surrounding body image. 

Cultivate self-acceptance through mindfulness practices and self-care strategies. 

Build confidence and resilience against societal pressures and beauty standards. 

Learn actionable steps for long-term improvement and personalized guidance for self-transformation.


90-Minute Live Virtual Workshop with Ryann Nicole 

Access to the Workshop Replay for 6 Months

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  • 1xThe Psychology of Body Image + How to Improve Yours (2/22 @ 5P ET)$10
  • Why You Stress Eat + How to Stop (3/7 @ 5P ET)$7

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